It all started when...

The influence of antiquity completely permeates my contemporary life. My work is influenced by the techniques and styles of ancient Greece, Etruria, religious medieval art, and folk art. I create both paintings and ceramics.


Dogs, mythological beasts, and other animals often appear in my work. I am fascinated by these creatures’ relationship with people, as well as their human characteristics. Extinct animals and life which no longer exists in our world supports the work. I seek to expose them through watercolors floating in a negative space as specimens of a lost world; my watercolors often explore the relationship between different beings in a disappearing world. 


My ceramic work is intricately crafted by hand: first using molds that I have made to form textured elements.  I create a relief out of clay or terracotta, fire it in a kiln, layer on various surface interests, and often fire the piece again. There are echoes of ancient decorative arts in my patterns, glazes, and decoration, linking the past to the present.


I am currently based in both New York and Tuscany; my head in the modern world, and my heart clasping the beauty of the past.